205 . Miracle Hour: A Method of Prayer That Will Change Your Life by Linda Schubert

Miracle Hour: A Method of Prayer That Will Change Your Life by Linda Schubert. Foreword by Rev. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.

Rating: (4.5/5)

(Kindle) - print copy available from publisher below

1991, Self-published, 33 pgs
Current publisher: Miracles of the Heart
Nihil obstat; Imprimatur

Age: 18+

"A method of prayer that will change your life. A simple format for a daily hour of prayer. Provides a clear format for prayer to help you focus your time. Includes suggestions for specific prayers of praise, intercession and surrender. Available in English and in Spanish. If you wish to buy this as a digital download, its available in 21 languages."

A friend moved into a retirement home and gifted me a lot of religious books and booklets including this.

I talk to God all the time and have no trouble saying my prayers but I have a hard time when I want to ask for something for myself also in maintaining a regular prayer time.  My prayer life has peaks and valleys   This little booklet presents a truly wonderful way on how to pray including everything a prayerful life should include.  The book proposes a one hour prayer time divided into 12 units of 5 minutes each.  It is easy enough to tailor to yourself and make it fit your lifestyle.  I don't think the whole hour at one time would be mandatory but I do think the components and the 5 minute durations are the key to this system.  I was very inspired reading this little book and actually turned my reading of it into a prayer session.  The book is written by a Catholic and has an Imprimatur, but it was also written at the height of the Charismatic Renewal.  I'm a Traditionalist so I was uncomfortable with just a tiny bit of the text.  The book is also not written to Catholics specifically but to all Christians and then at certain points it will say "for the Catholic".  Truly a special little gem to have on hand that will only invigorate anyone's prayer time.  I will be holding onto this and am carrying it in my purse for the time being to see how it has an affect on me.  Among other things your prayer time will include, praise, worship, repentance, forgiveness, spiritual warfare and listening to God.


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