DNF. Misty Circus by Victoria Frances

Misty Circus by Victoria Frances

Rating: DNF 47/74 pgs

Jun. 18, 2013, Dark horse,  80 pgs
Age: 10+

"Magic and mystery hide in the shadows of the rainy streets of Paris, kindness blooms in unexpected places, and a sad-eyed child journeys into the unknown.  
Renowned artist of the dark fantastic Victoria Francés first made a splash in the U.S. with her dreamy, sensual paintings in the Favole trilogy. 
Now, Francés returns with a gorgeous storybook for all ages.  
The tale of little Parisian boy Sasha and his poignant misadventures is at once heartwarming and melancholy, combining a sweetly gothic story with arresting, beautifully painted illustrations."

Received an egalley from the publisher through Netgalley.

I read 47 of 74 pages but just could not go on any further as the book was not for me, as a Christian.  The second story was about witches and black magic.  The words "genuine witches' Sabbath" made me close the book.  The first story I hadn't enjoyed either with it's gender-bender theme and the use of the word "androgynous", in a book supposedly for children.  Drawing a girl and calling them a boy is not the definition of androgynous anyway.  This is classified as a "juvenile" book but for Christians I would not recommend it for any age.  Also it is a picture book; I had been under the presumption it was a graphic novel.  The art is stunning though.  I wish I had looked at the pictures without reading the text.


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