53/54 DC Super Heroes: The Dark Knight

DC Super Heroes: The Dark Knight
2013, Capstone Press
Pages: 88
Ages: 8+

53. The Joker Virus by Scott Peterson. Illustrated by Mike Cavallaro (5/5)

(US) - (Canada)

This series already has a large selection of Batman books but new this year is the sub series "The Dark Knight".  I was quite impressed with this book.  First, I'll start by saying I hate the Joker, and the childish comical way he is usually portrayed in anything aimed at kids makes me hate him even more as a character.  However, Peterson has written a delightfully dark story here deserving of "The Dark Knight"'s time.  The Joker is mean, nasty, hates kids and even "sadistic".  This is a page turning story featuring Tim Drake as Robin and will be highly enjoyed by kids who are gamers when they find out that gaming plays a major role in the theme.

54. Cat Commander by J.E. Bright. Illustrated by Luciano Vecchio (4/5)

(US) - (Canada)

I do like these new entries replacing the "Batman" sequence.  Much darker stories, though this one is light-hearted as well. In the first chapter though, we have The Dark Knight actually beating up three criminals: kicking one in the knee, tripping another and giving a whack to the head of the last. So, yeah, so bit more intense.  This story has some fun interplay between Bruce and Selina and Batman and Catwoman showing there affection for one another even though they are on opposing sides.  A fun story even though it was a bit strange with Catwoman wanting rights for cats to not be "owned" by people and Batman agreeing with her to a point!  As if we don't have enough unwanted animals in shelters and roaming the streets!


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