46/47. DC Super Heroes: The Man of Steel

DC Super Heroes: The Man of Steel
2013, Capstone Press
Pages: 88
Ages: 8+

46. Demons of Space by Laurie S. Sutton. Illustrated by Luciano Vecchio (3/5)

(US) - (Canada)

The latest offering in Capstone's DC Super Heroes chapter book series is a renaming of Superman to "The Man of Steel".  There are tons of Superman books in the series already and I presume the new name will now be where the new titles will be listed.  Throughout the book "Supe" is alternately called by both names.  The first part of this story was great as Superman was called upon by Orion and Big Barda to help stop Darkseid's newest devastating plot.  Granny Goodness and Kalibak show up briefly trying to stop O. and BB from arriving but they are too late and Darkseid shows up as everyone is postulating anyway.  I loved the showdown between Superman and Darkseid but as their encounter takes them to Jupiter I found the writing devolved into an astronomy lesson about the planet.  Other than that I appreciated the number of heroes/villains present in this title, along with cameos of Lashina and Mad Harriet, a virtual Kirby reunion!

47. The Poisoned Planet by Matthew K. Manning. Illustrated by Luciano Vecchio (4/5)

(US) - (Canada)

One of my favourite villains comes to Metropolis to plague Superman, Poison Ivy.  I've read several of these books with Ivy and she is a great character.  This was a fun back-to-basics story that took place right in the Daily Planet building and included the regular newspaper cast of Lane, Olsen, White and even Kent himself.  Fun environment friendly story that shows how going overboard is as bad as the other extreme.  Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist who places no value on human life and yet the story leaves us with a friendly lesson on recycled paper.  Not a bad entry in the series,  (4/5)


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