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Thursday, November 29, 2012

DVD Break: The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven (2010)

The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven - 2010 - DVD - TV Documentary - Watched at friend's house
Absolutely inspiring!  A small group of us watched this and cried and rejoiced.  The boy was almost decapitated and survived at 6 years old, is paralyzed from the neck down now but his life is amazing.  He went to heaven while he was in a coma and describes that experience so beautifully.  His family accept the miracle in their lives and of Alex's journey but they don't make it the focus of Alex's life.  They have other children and try to lead as normal a life as possible.  It is an amazing story of the community's outreach to the family in their time of need, the response of of other Christians in the emergency/police/medical field during this horrific time and the grace of God at work in a family's life making a tragedy become the positive turning point in all their lives.  Twelve year old Alex was so impressive, he is so genuine and the face of Jesus just shines through him.  An amazing story and must watch.  It really gives you a perspective on your own life. 

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