237. Library Wars: Love & War Vol. 8 by Kiiro Yumi

Library Wars: Love & War Vol. 8 by Kiiro Yumi (Canada) - (US)
Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 8

Pages: 200
Ages: 16+ (13+ really)
Finished: Aug. 31, 2012
First Published: Sep. 4, 2012
Publisher: viz media
Genre: manga, YA, dystopia, science fiction, romance
Rating: 5/5

First sentence: "Hello, Miss Kasahara."

Publisher's Summary: "The Media Betterment Committee’s inquiry into Iku’s role in the so-called book burning continues, and an evil conspiracy comes to light. Someone on the team is deliberately manipulating Iku, and even her attraction to Dojo becomes fodder for the fight! Will Iku ever understand Dojo’s feelings for her?"

Acquired: Received a review copy from Simon & Schuster Canada.

Reason for Reading:  Next in the series.

Just look at that cover!! Sigh!! Makes you think this is the one, doesn't it?  But as the publisher's summary tells us Iku just doesn't understand Dojo's feelings for her.  However, this is a pivotal book in their relationship because Iku finally learns that Dojo is her prince!  Now that's not a spoiler since we already knew this since book 1, but we've had to wait this long for Iku to know so their relationship could change and, wow, now that she knows things are going to be different!  As I repeatedly say every time I review this series, I am not a romance fan *but* I am in love with these two.  What a relief this volume was and how exciting the story will become as their relationship is stretched out at this new level.  Otherwise, plotlines continue, especially the one involving Tezuka's brother. A new storyline is started involving Marie being assaulted in the library by a "pervert" but this story feels kind of forced as if the "team" needed something to be working on and this is the best the author could come up with at short notice.  I feel this story will end quickly but the rest of the book is so great I'm not taking any points off for it.  Dojo doesn't even call Iku any names!!


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