DVD Break: Justice League: The New Frontier

Justice League: The New Frontier - (2008) - (DVD) - (animated) - (library)

This 75 minute original movie is based on the graphic novel by Darwyn Cooke which is a re-imagining of the origins of the Justice League in a post Korean War 1950s.  Even though produced in 2008 the animation style is more old school than the previous JL movies we've watched.  This is also the most mature one we've watched to date being rated PG-13 for alien violence, off screen human violence and the use of the word "s.o.b." twice.  There is quite a bit of blood and heads are either chopped off or explode.  I really enjoyed the story here and so did ds, though he took a bit to get into it as he found the beginning slow.  I didn't though.  An intense story line that has the superheroes saving the world from a dark force called "The Centre".  In this movie we get to see the origins of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz, though, he only goes by the name of John Jones, or the Martian, here.  Lots of famous actors doing the voices such as David Boreanaz, Lucy Lawless and Neil Patrick Harris.  While the other JLs have been good cartoons this one really merits the status of a good movie.  Highly enjoyed by both of us.

This DVD version also includes a special feature documentary on the history of the Justice League from it's origins in the 1930s to the present (well 2008).  Very entertaining and interesting!  I enjoyed commentary by Mark Waid as he is one of my favourite GN writers.

We have also found that we both are finding ourselves interested in Green Lantern.  Ds is asking me questions about him and he is one superhero I never really read before, so we are learning about him together.  We do both prefer the John Stewart Green Lantern we've seen so far much more than this more old-fashioned GL.  Off to the library to pick up our last JL DVD to end our marathon.


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