DNF. Giants Beware! by Jorge Aguirre

Giants Beware! by Jorge Aguirre. Art by Rafael Rosado (US) - (Canada)

Pages: 102/202
Ages: 7+
First Published: Apr. 10, 2012
Publisher: First Second Books
Genre: Children, graphic novel, fantasy
Rating: DNF

First sentence: "He was the most evil creature ever to set foot in the valley ..."

Acquired: Received a review copy from First Second Books.

Reason for Reading: I like fantasy and the cover is very cute.

As with all DNF's I don't give an actual review rather than account for why I could not finish the book.  Usually I don't dnf graphic novels as they don't require much time to finish, even if I'm not enjoying it but this was really bad for me.  The writing was just, well, bad.  I didn't find it funny.  The story was lame.  The "message" was so obvious it about hit you in the face. I started to actually grimace as the book progressed and could not make myself go on for another 100 pages of the same.  The illustrations are very cute though!

Make up your own mind about this book with the publisher's summary:

Publisher's Summary: "Make way for Claudette the giant slayer in this delightful, fantastical adventure!
Claudette’s fondest wish is to slay a giant. But her village is so safe and quiet! What’s a future giant slayer to do?

With her best friend Marie (an aspiring princess), and her brother Gaston (a pastry-chef-to-be), Claudette embarks on a super-secret quest to find a giant—without parental permission. Can they find and defeat the giant before their parents find them and drag them back home?
Giants Beware! offers up a wondrous, self-contained world in the tradition of the very best of Pixar. Claudette and her friends will have you laughing out loud from page one."


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