214. Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05 by John Wagner & Alan Grant. Illustrated by Mick McMahon, Ron Smith, Brian Bolland, Ian Gibson, Steven Dillon, Colin Wilson, Barry Mitchell, John Cooper & Carlos Ezquerra (US) - (Canada)
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05

Pages: 400
Ages: 15+
Finished: Aug. 4, 2012
First Published: Jun. 19, 2012
Publisher: 2000AD
Genre: graphic novel, science fiction, crime,
Rating: 5/5

First sentence: "Attention all units! Major disturbance at Sonny Bono Block! Residents in revolt!"

Publisher's Summary: "THE LAW AT WAR!

Judge Dredd rides into action in this fifth volume collecting together some of his most exciting cases. Arch-nemesis Judge Death rises from the grave once again in Judge Death Lives, citizen is pitted against citizen in Block Mania and the apocalypse comes to Mega-City One in the all-time classic Dredd epic, The Apocalypse War. Featuring art by such comic legends as Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke), Carlos Ezquerra and Mike McMahon and written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Lobo) this tome is a worthy addition to any Thrill-seeker’s library!"

Acquired: Received a review copy from Simon & Schuster Canada.

Reason for Reading: I love the Judge Dredd universe!

What a fantastic volume!  This is epic in nature as it collects together the much talked about Apocalypse Wars in other smaller collections.  Well here it finally is!  Also the prequel story that led up to the Apocalypse "Block Mania" is included and with these two stories we have (the pages aren't numbered) what looks like just a little over half of the book.  That's one complete storyline for over 200 pages of this 400 page volume.  Some major action takes place here and this is just a stupendous volume to read.  The first half of the book follows along the regular vein with short stories and occasional 2 or 3 part episodes of crime in Mega-City One.  But not only do we get the epic Apocalypse story, in the first half comes the return of Judge Death and Judge Anderson in an awesome episodic storyline.  Simply a fantastic dose of the Judge Dredd universe.  Dredd's character becomes more and more dark and hard with this volume as well.  His "the end justifies the means" philosophy is put into full action.  I really can't wait for Vol. 6 to see how the world is put back together after this destruction!

I haven't read the other Case Files but I've already got 01 and I'm going to try and get caught up by the time 06 comes out (no date as of yet).  I am majorly hooked!


  1. I've not read any Judge Dredd, but plan on getting my hands on the first volume of case files soon-- though from what I gather, it's best to start there in order to see the origins and earlier renditions, but later case volumes (like the one you read) are better written.

  2. Yep, you're correct John. The early 80s stuff is pretty cheesy, but I've got a soft spot for those cheesy comics since I grew up with them! I've been reading the smaller colour compilations and they often have a wider range of stories. Especially the last one I read When Judges Go Bad which contained stories from the 80s to a current one so it was like a mini-history of the comic. You actually got to see Dredd's character develop.

    There is absolutely no character development in the early stuff, but the sci-fi plots are worthy.

  3. Like John, I have not read any Judge Dredd. I hope to get the first volume soon and begin what sounds like a great adventure.

  4. John, Jim: I've actually just finished reading Vol. 1 of this series (post will go live soon) and do not recommend it for a first time reader. It is from 1979 and the Dredd from then is *not* the Dredd from now or even the mid-80s!

    I'd recommend you jump right in with any of the smaller collections that catch your interest.


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