DVD Break: Transformers

Transformers - (2007) - (DVD) - (own) - This is the first movie and ds and I have both seen it more than once.  We originally saw it in the theatre and the whole family thought it was spectacular; the big screen is definitely the place to watch this one for full effects.  We all went to see #2 in the theatre but I was underwhelmed, the guys liked it though and for number 3 I stayed home and the guys said it wasn't that great but they still enjoyed it.  So the best thing about this is the Transformers themselves; the special effects are fantastic and I just love every moment they are onscreen.  There is lots of humour and we laughed and had a good old time with this, not stellar, but simply fun! sci-fi/action movie.  After watching it ds decided that he did not want to donate it but would rather keep it with his movie collection for future viewing in case the desire should arise.  Rated PG-13 for the language used, needlessly coarse, but mostly the "tamer" curse words.


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