DVD Break: The Raccoons: Vol. 2

The Raccoons: Vol. 2 - (1987) - (DVD) - (own) Ds and I are going to watch some of our DVDs that we plan on donating to the library.  These are ones we/he haven't watched in ages or just don't really feel the need to *own* but would like to watch once more before they go.  And if we want to watch more we can always borrow them  from the library!  This vol. contains three episodes from Season 2 of the classic Canadian cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1991.  These are Episode 4 in which Cedric Sneer dams up the river to create his own electricity because his has been cut off due to non-payment. Episode 6 in which Melissa discovers some prehistoric cave paintings and Cedric Sneer scams to turn them into a money making tourist trap and finally, Episode 7 in which Cedric Sneer incorrectly overhears the doctor and thinks that he is dying instead of only having a cold.  With only a few days left to live the Raccoons set out to honour him in a big way.  I used to watch this with my eldest son back in the early 90s and enjoyed it at that time, but having not seen any reruns since wasn't sure what I would think now.  This cartoon has held up amazingly well and is well known for its amazing soundtrack with some well known 80s singers.  The cartoon focuses on environmentalism (in a good way) and friendship.  It is not soppy such as Care Bears and Cyril is hard to really hate because his son Cedric is the Raccoons best friend, and Cyril is, after all, his Dad.  Ds and I both enjoyed these ageless cartoons.  Recommended for families looking for something wholesome and non-violent, yet not gushy and sickly sweet.


  1. I haven't seen the Raccoons in years! Fun memory!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this was one of the first Canadian cartoons to make it big internationally.


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