194. Xenoholics, Vol. 1 by Joshua Williamson

Xenoholics, Vol. 1 by Joshua Williamson. Art by Seth Damoose (US) - (Canada)

Pages: 126
Ages: 18+
Finished: Jul. 14, 2012
First Published: Jun. 5, 2012
Publisher: Image Comics
Genre: graphic novel, science fiction
Rating: 2.5/5

First sentence: "I said ... TAKE ME TO YOUR F*CKING LEADER!"

Publisher's Summary: "The critically acclaimed series is collected in trade paperback!
Are you addicted to aliens? Late night encounters? Abductions? Probes? Then become a member of Xenoholics Anonymous! Members of a support group that claim to be victims of alien abductions try to solve the mysterious disappearance of the Doctor who led their group but find themselves involved in a larger conspiracy. X-files and Fire in the Sky meet Chew in this exploration of the xenoholic subculture.

Collects XENOHOLICS #1-5"

Acquired: Received an egalley from the publisher through Netgalley

Reason for Reading: The publisher's summary caught my attention.

This starts off pretty lame. Rather vulgar and juvenile with no real plot for the first three issues then something happens and things start to get interesting. A plot develops from a couple of twists and the book ends with a cliffhanger that leaves one wanting to find out what happens next. The illustration is cartoonish and adds to the non-seriousness of the "drunk college guy"-type of humour and language. This is not one I'd recommend running out to buy but if you happen across it, meh. I'd probably read volume 2. but I'm in no hurry.


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