90. Student Workbook: A Quick Journey Through the Bible

Student Workbook: A Quick Journey Through the Bible: An 8-Part Introduction to the Bible Timeline by Sarah Christmyer (US & Canada)
The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible

Pages: 51
Ages: 18+
Finished: Mar. 19, 2012
First Published: 2008
Publisher: Ascension Press
Genre: Catholic, Bible study
Rating: 5/5

First sentence: "Jeff Cavins developed The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible in1984 when he realized that many Christians did not grasp "the big picture" of the Scriptures."

Publisher's Summary: "The Student Pack will guide participants through their study with thought-provoking questions about the fourteen narrative books of the Bible, helpful notes, and home study material. Each lesson is designed to accompany the corresponding talk from the DVD series.
A Quick Journey Through the Bible Student Pack Includes:
  • The 33" full-color Bible Timeline Chart A Quick Journey Through the Bible
  • Student Guide (51 pages)
  • Full-color Bible Timeline Bookmark
  • Memory Bead Wristband"

Acquired: Purchased a copy from a nearby Catholic Book Store.

Reason for Reading:  Used along with the accompanying Bible Study I participated in at my church.

The Student Guide accompanies the DVD study series.  The Student Guide comes with the book, a foldout timeline, a bookmark and a memory bead bracelet.  There is a chapter for each lesson on the DVD.  Each chapter in the book is set up similarly, though some chapters have maps and charts to illustrate what is being studied.  The lesson format is as follows: A page for notes with an outline of the major topics for you to jot down anything that comes up during your assigned reading and during the watching of the DVD session; Two pages of group discussion pages with room enough for you to make any notes you wish to make.  A closing prayer for the group.  A page called "Homestudy": here you're introduced to the next session's topic, the time period, the co-ordinating colour, it's meaning, key people, most important Biblical event and the current secular world power.  This is followed by the assigned reading from Scripture to complete before the next class session.

A brief description/opinion on the course:  A group of us at church used this program as a bible study. It teaches you to read the 14 main narrative books of the bible to gain the Story within the bible. It also corelates the other 59 books into the proper time sequence as to where they fit chronologically within the narrative story. Since the bible is not presented as one chronological story, this often makes it confusing to understand or make sense of to some who struggle with reading it. This course first gives you the main story of the Bible then leads you forward into reading through the Bible adding in the other books at the appropriate time in the story. We had a fantastic time with it and I enjoyed every minute of it! I would do a Jeff Cavins study video course again without hesitation.


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