104. MAOH: Juvenile Remix, Vol. 10

MAOH: Juvenile Remix, vol. 10 by Megumi Osuga (US) - (Canada)
MAOH: Juvenile Remix, vol. 10

Pages: 200
Ages: 16+
Finished: Apr. 7, 2012
First Published: Apr. 10, 2012
Publisher: viz media
Genre: YA, science fiction, manga, crime
Rating: 4/5

First sentence: "H-her eyeballs ... I-I can't wait ... to scoop them out ... with my spoon ..."

Publisher's Summary: "As the world’s greatest killers assemble at the bowling alley for all-out war, the plan to assassinate Inukai begins. Can Junya fulfill his brother’s goals and stop Inukai from taking control of Japan? And when the dust settles, who will be the true Maoh?"

Acquired: Received a review copy from Simon & Schuster Canada.

Reason for Reading: Next (and final!) in the series.

As the final book in the ten volume series, I'm going to keep this review short so as not to give away any events or final results.  We began this series with Ando wondering if Inukai was actually here to help the city/country or whether, indeed, he was the devil.  In this final volume, we understand the meaning of the title of the series "MAOH", and find out who the devil really was, if there was one.  This volume is intense and violent and ultimately what every reader of the series wants to know: "is the finale worth the getting there?"  I answer with a resounding "yes".  We are brought conclusion and some people may find the ending rewarding.  For myself I loved everything about this volume right up until the very, very final ending.  This series will be a keeper for me and I plan on reading it through again in the future, especially now that I can re-read it without having to wait between volumes.  This series is a fantastic and unique combination of urban fantasy, science fiction and crime.


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