16. 14 Valentine Puzzle Quizzes by The Grabarchuck Family

14 Valentine Puzzle Quizzes by The Grabarchuck Family (US & Canada - Kindle Only)
Pages: 576 KB ebook
Ages: ALL AGES (approx 10+)
Finished: Jan. 15, 2012
First Published: Jan. 10, 2012
Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles
Genre: puzzles
Rating: 4/5

Acquired: Received a complementary copy from Grabarchuk Puzzles.

Reason for Reading: My son & I are in the middle of having a blast with the 101 Puzzles book, that when the publisher asked if I was interested in reviewing this book I was delighted.

Publisher's Summary: "Here is a special Valentine present for the lovers of the Top Rated Puzzlebook series. In this new puzzle collection you will find 14 holiday themed, pictorial, hand-crafted puzzle quizzes."

If you've ever played any of the Grabarchuk puzzlebooks then you know what a treat you are in for here.  If not, then here's your perfect sampler size try-out at a ridiculously small price of .99 cents.  These puzzles involve visual, spatial, counting, geometry, and much more; only one requires the ability to read & spell.  The puzzles are in full colour and interactive.  Once you think you have the answer, click on it and you will either be taken to a "You are wrong" page "go back" or you are taken to the solution with an explanation.  From this page you are directed to the next puzzle.  It's pretty impossible to sneak a peak at the answers.

I had a ton of fun with these quick puzzles.  Arranged in order from easiest to hardest, I zoomed through the first half lickety split then had to put on my thinking cap, the last few were doozies and the last one I couldn't figure out even after I'd read the solution!  If you are a Grabarchuk puzzle fan, pick this one up for that special one you love and play the puzzles together over a bottle of champagne this Valentine's Day.  If you haven't given these puzzles a try, this is a perfect one to get a feel for the play.  Kids and adults alike will be hurrying back for more!


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