100th Anniversary Titanic Reading Challenge: FINISHED

ETA:  I am officially finished this challenge as I signed up for the "Taking a Plunge" level of 6 books/movies.  However, I intend to continue playing along all year as I have several more interesting books gathered to read this year, plus I still haven't seen the movie yet!  So I will continue to add to the group list throughout the year and hope to comple the final level of "Going Down With the Ship"

This is my own challenge that I'm hosting.  There are three levels and I'm going for the second level of reading/watching 6 titanic media.  The challenge lasts from now until Dec. 31, 2012.  I have no predetermined reads, except I do intend to watch James Cameron's Titanic which {gasp!} I've never seen (Two reasons: it's a romance and I'm not fond of Leonardo Dicapprio) but it's one of those movies everybody has seen. 

These are the books/movies/documentaries I've read/watched:
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1. That Fatal Night by Sarah Ellis
2. Deadly Voyage: RMS Titanic by Hugh Brewster
3. Titanic 2012 by Bill Walker
4. Women of the Titanic Disaster by Sylvia Caldwell
5. A Rare Titanic Family by Julie Hedgepeth Williams
6. Story of the Titanic by DK Publishing

Taking a Plunge Level (6) Completed

7. Titanic: Disaster at Sea by Martin Jenkins
8. Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived by Andrew Wilson


  1. If I may offer a suggestion, read A Night To Remember by Walter Lord.
    The Titanic disaster is a fascination of mine and I have to say that I'm probably one of the few who really deeply dislikes Cameron's Titanic - melodramatic and historically inaccurate.
    Lord's book was made into a movie and I suggest you watch this one too, as well as Titanic starring Clifton Webb.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I read A Night to Remember ages ago but will probably reread it. I didn't know there was a movie. I did however know there was an old movie so thanks for putting me onto the Clifton Webb one!


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