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Sunday, April 10, 2011

82. Mystify by Artist Arthur

Mystify by Artist Arthur (Canada) - (US)
A Mystyx Novel, Book 2

Pages: 245
Ages: 13+
Finished: Mar. 29, 2011
First Published: Jan. 18, 2011
Publisher: KimaniTRU
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Rating: 3/5

First sentence:

I don't want to like him.

Acquired: Received a review copy from the book's publicist.

Reason for Reading: next in the series.

I really enjoyed book one of this series but wasn't too taken with the angsty attitude of the main character and narrator, Krystal. My favourite character had been Sasha, who had an "attitude" but the fun, take no nonsense from anyone kind of 'tude. Imagine my delight to see that this book was written from Sasha's point of view.

Unfortunately, the change in character views really changed the plot of the story and it took me a while to get into this book. Sasha is not only the narrator, but the main character of the book, Krystal has a minor part. But the fun Sasha I loved from the first book is changed in this book, because the girl's rich, never present parents have returned with a new project for the community and they want Sasha to play a vital role. This is all about the "Richies" and Sasha is vehemently told off by her overbearing father about her choice of 'questionable' friends and told she will do what she has been told to do. This causes a riff between her and the other members of Mystyx who think that Sasha has become uppity about her social status when a hated rich girl starts hanging onto Sasha through her father's doing.

This is absolutely not the time for this to be happening to Sasha as her powers are becoming stronger and she is gaining new ones, learning much more about who they are and what their purpose is. The strained relationships make it hard for them to work together when the Darkness returns and bodies of missing teenagers start turning up.

Not as strong a story as Manifest; I didn't enjoy it as much even though I like Sasha as a character more. I missed the ghosts from book one and the book just had a totally different feel. I liked it but it wasn't a page-turner for me at all at. Hoping that the next book will be more exciting and wondering whose point of view it will be from now that a 4th member has joined there team, another girl.

Added: I just saw the cover of the third book and, yeah!, it has Jake on the front and thus, I'm assuming will be from Jake's point of view. Looking forward to it more now!

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