Pray for Baby Joseph Now

Pray right now for Baby Joseph! A US hospital in Ohio is right now trying to transfer him but can't get in contact with the proper Dr. They are being told the Dr. is not available. A Lear Jet ICU plane is ready on 3 hrs. notice. Oh my dear God, please let the staff at London Hospital show mercy and do the right thing for Joseph's life. In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. Amen

Baby Joseph is NOT vegetative as London Dr's are trying to claim. Watch these videos taken shortly before breathing tube was to be removed, before temporary reprieve.


  1. Isn't this story just heartbreaking and terrible!?!? I haven't heard any updates on it of late. Do you konw what the status is?

  2. It is in the London hospital's hands now and has been for days now. Thy simply refuse to sign off on a transfer. It's almost as if they have something to hide at this point. Hi is virtually being kept a prisoner at this point.

    Priests for Life have a jet and ICU team ready to transfer him and more than one US hospital is willing to receive him. Nothing can be done except pray for the staff in charge of this at London Hospital to have mercy in their hearts and let Joseph go. The hospital has even commented in the paper as saying that yes, a traccheotomy may prolong the baby's life but it won't increase his quality of life. It is simply brain-numbing to me that they can say that! Anything could happen at any minute or nothing could happen. That family must be in hell right now.


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