Sunday Salon

I'm not a member of this group who posts on Sundays but thought I'd nab the title and post my own "Sunday Salon" for today. This is especially for those readers who are wondering what is up with all the graphic novel reviews and will they ever end! Yes, they will end, not permanently by any means, I am an addict, but I will be posting a wider range of types and genres in the near future. But for the time being my posts are going to remain mostly graphic novels/manga with some easy readers and the occasional children's book thrown in while I am working on The Stand by Stephen King.

To read The Stand was my first goal of 2011 and if you didn't read why before you can find out here. How's it going you ask? Well this is the first chunkster of this scope I have read in ages and it feels weird to keep on reading the same book. First I started off with a bonus though, as I had thought the book had 1500 pgs but it really only had 1100 (must be another chunkster I'm putting off around here somewhere that has the 1500!). My reading speed usually covers 100 pages a day out of a normal sized adult hardcover. This fluctuates a bit with the type of book I'm reading but I can make a good judgement call on how long the book will take to read based on it's pages. Not so with The Stand, if you're familiar with reading King's works you'll know what I mean when I say I'm reading a Signet paperback. Yeah. So while the book has 1100 pages it might as well have twice as many since the print is so minuscule! It's taking me much longer than I thought to read. It is now halfway through the month and I've read just over half the book, so I'm on for the long haul with this one and will finish it just before the end of the month, I predict. Possibly leaving room to finish one more quick read.

So in the meantime, I've put my non-fiction book aside which I always read a chapter of each night before I go to bed in favour of The Stand and helping me to finish it. (I'm really enjoying that non-fiction book, too! Look in the sidebar. But non-fiction is easy to pick up after it's been set aside). I'm reading a graphic novel or short chapter book each day to continue having a review to post each day. And on top of that my son's readers and the books I read to him for history and "just fun" will pop up for review here and there as well. So that's what the rest of January is going to look like review-wise here.

Once Feb. comes you can be sure I will be eager to read books that are quick reads. I have to say my favourite kind of book is about a 3 day read. And when I pick a book to read if it has over 500 pages I'm hesitant to read it. I'm very content with anything up into the 400s but as it pushes close to the 500 mark or goes over it has to be a very compelling tale for me to choose it. Strangely, this doesn't apply to non-fiction, as my rule with NF is to read one chapter a night before settling with with my current fiction book, so it doesn't matter how long the NF is. I do very frequently find myself reading much more than the required one chapter though!

While I am certainly enjoying The Stand, even though I've read it before (the '70s version), the neverendingness of it does make me stop and look at other books and long for the day I can read them. But now that I've got my bookmark smack dab in the middle of this chunkster it sure looks good to see it there. It was painful to see it creep along the first week of reading seemingly hardly moving and now the fun part will start as I see it edging closer and closer to the end.

So, enjoy the graphic novel reviews and I've got manga coming up soon for the rest of the month and rest assured that come February we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of assorted YA, mystery, fantasy, literature, historical fiction and anything else that hits my fancy!


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