Right to Life quote from The Stand by Stephen King

"A drunk driver took my son's life seventeen years ago ... I've always seen the question of abortion in terms of Fred. ... Your mother would argue against it for all the standard reasons. 'Morality', she'd say. A morality that goes back two thousand years. The right to life. All our Western morality is based on that idea. I've read the philosophers. I range up and down them ... Your mother sticks with the Reader's Digest, but it's me that ends up arguing from feeling and her from the codes of morality. I just see Fred. He was destroyed inside. There was no chance for him. These right-to-life biddies hold up their pictures of babies drowned in salt, and arms and legs scraped out onto a steel table, so what? The end of a life is never pretty. I just see Fred, lying in that bed for seven days, everything that was ruined pasted over with bandages. Life is cheap, abortion makes it cheaper." - The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition by Stephen King. Signet, 1991. Pg. 57

Not exactly my sentiments. But a strong non-religious point of view with a sucker punch of a last sentence!


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