222. Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox #1: The Meeting

The Meeting by Brigitte Luciano. Illustrated by Eve Tharlet. Translated from the French by Catrol Klio Burrell (Canada) - (USA)
Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox, #1

Pages: 32
Ages: 5-7
Finished: Oct. 22, 2010
First Published: (2006) Apr. 2010, English trans.
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Genre: graphic novel, children, easy reader, picture book
Rating: 2/5

First sentence:

Bristle! Grub! Dinner!

Acquired: Borrowed from the Calgary library while on vacation.

Reason for Reading: This is a Cybils '10 nominee. As a panelist for Graphic Novels this is required reading for me.

Such a little insignificant book which I could write a lot about, but I won't as it's not worth it. I found the story very didactic, hit you over the head with 'you are being taught lessons here children', didactic. Anyone over seven will be wise to this right away and eyes my roll. Themes covered: arguing siblings, manners, racism (via animal species), single parents, blended families. The book is oversized softcover, picturebook size and at an easy reader level. The art is cute and captivating.

As a Christian, I found the situation being portrayed somewhat disturbing. Two single parents, one widowed, the other separated (ie. still married) move in together for the sake of convenience. But the "moving in together" party causes neighbours to congratulate them on their new family. The children are encouraged to think of themselves as a family now and brothers and sisters while the parents are shown standing arm in arm in the evening light. By the end of the book the situation is certainly not a Christian lifestyle choice. Though the book's lesson is supposed to be promoting blended families, which would have been better served, imho, with an actual marriage and blending of two families instead of faking a family under irregular circumstances.


  1. I always find children's books heartwarming coz it always brings back my childhood years, when I used to read Dr. Seuss' and other Disney illustrated books.

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