OT: Anti-Euthanasia Rant

I don't get on a soapbox very often or really at all, here on my blog, but this news item has me incensed.

48 year old pastor from Sri Lanka has a heart attack in Brampton, ON which is not that far away from me. Doctor's refuse to give him an IV of medicine, nourishment or hydration because he must ask for it himself. He is unable to do so, he has suffered unrepairable brain damage, but is otherwise healthy, can recognize friends and family, but in no uncertain terms is he dying. No relatives in Canada. Hospital appoints someone as an advocate who agrees with hospital's decision. Two weeks he is starved and dehydrated.

His congregation and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition go to court and get an answer that the hospital will allow a nurse from the congregation to orally feed and give liquid to the man, with the proviso that they can change their mind. Everything went well this week but now Pastor Joshua has had another stroke and is now in a semi-coma and cannot be fed orally. His body is weak and withered from his prior starvation. He is expected to die shortly, within the next couple of days.

But a Canadian hospital will let him die without medication, nourishment or liquids! This is murder! First of all they use the excuse of him not being able to speak and give his own instructions for care so they don't know what his wishes would be. He is a Pastor!!!!! Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what his wishes would be! The man was 48 years old, it isn't likely he was thinking of the need of writing down his instructions in case of such an event. I have always been totally against euthanasia, but to see it enfolding in all its horrid, inhumane, murdering reality does nothing less than shock me to my core.

Even though I am fully aware of all that goes on in this country when it comes to its death mentality, part of me wants to say "But this is Canada!", "that" doesn't happen "here". No more blinders! It does happen, even to a young, 48-year-old man of God. My two responses are if you are having a heart attack near the Brampton Civic hospital (William Osler Health Center) drive to the next nearest hospital, perhaps your chances of surviving will be better.

And seriously, to all Canadians, no matter how old you are stop whatever you are doing now and write a note about what you want done should you become incapacitated and unable to tell hospital staff yourself what your wishes are on how you want to be treated re machines and nourishment, then tell everyone you know where you've put it. My dh and I have now done this, God's will be done.

Please pray for Pastor Joshua, that his last days will be pain free and peaceful. Soon he will be full of joy, at home with the Lord! In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

h/t: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition


  1. Strange that this was not highlighted in our local papers. I am from Sri Lanka and would think that his local church (if he is from here) would be appalled at his plight.

  2. Mystica, He is from Sri Lanka but has been the pastor of a church here in Canada for the past 10 years. Prior to that I do not know. His is known as Pastor Joshua but his real name is Kulendran Mayandy. Not sure if Joshua is his real first name or a taken on Christian name. Here is a page that details the whole sad story.


    If your papers are not aware, direct them to what is happening! This travesty shouldn't pass by with the people of his nation uninformed.


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