A Lovely Cup of Coffee

My lovely Bodum coffee press arrived for review a couple weeks ago from CSN Stores. I received an email that the item has shipped and it arrived three -four days later - in Canada - which is excellent delivery time.

The product arrived in perfect shape. The Bodum itself was packaged in box as it would be straight from the shelf but it had been packed into the centre of a large square box that was filled with those packing bags filled with air so that it virtually floated its way across the border to me. Simple enough packaging to dispose of and all recyclable as well.

No complaints about about the press itself. It makes a lovely cup of coffee as expected and the colour is as I had expected as well. Not shown in the picture is the coffee scoop that comes with it; one scoop per cup. Easy to use and easy clean up, as well. Pull off the lid and the works are attached to the bottom and unscrew with a simple twisting motion and the parts can be washed quickly in the sink and even easier the Bodum is dishwasher safe. Love it!


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