151. Irredeemable Vol. 3 by Mark Waid

Irredeemable, Vol. 3 by Mark Waid. Art by Peter Krause (US) - (Canada)
Irredeemable series

Pages: 112 pages
Ages: 15+
Finished: July 28, 2010
First Published: July 6, 2010
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Genre: YA, graphic novel, superhero
Rating: 4/5

First sentence:

...present this Embassy security footage of the odd man who forced his way in and disassembled the bomb with - as you can see here - a wave of his hand.

Acquired: Received a review copy from Harper Collins Canada.

Reason for Reading: Next in the series.

Flashes back into Plutonium's past give us small glimpses into who the former hero was and some insight into his childhood, but Tony still remains an aloof character who appears to have had nothing but selfish motives his entire adult life. He then comes out of his respite to exact revenge and torture upon some people from his childhood. This volume concentrates mostly on Bette and her character's development. We are shown her past history and secrets all while Plutonium was still their leader and the guilt she carries now within her. The army has lost hope in the Paradigm's ability to deal with Plutonium, so they have brought forth their own villain. This new addition to the cast is a pretty cool character, Orion, a demon hunter who is brutal and no match for any of the Paradigm. It will be interesting to see him go up against the Plutonium. The next volume is due out in November ('10).

As usual the volume ends with a Cover Gallery and then a 15 page preview of Waid's "The Unknown" which I must get round to reading one of these days.


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