Happy Father's Day!

Stan, World's Best Dad

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I'm so lucky that you are my Dad in so many ways. I had the best childhood and am thankful for everything you and mum sacrificed to make sure Michelle and I were never in want. You never gave up on me while I made stupid mistakes and were there with open arms when I came crying back. Thank you for the way you accept me, now that we know about my Asperger's. You're love and understanding is firm ground I can always stand on. I always speak about you to others with pride and get responses like "You're dad sounds like a really nice guy" or "You're dad must be a very special man." and I respond that "yes, he is." I love you very much and wish you the best of Happy Father's Days. Wish I could be with you. But I'll see you again in October. All my love, from your little girl who has a little curl right in the middle of her fore'ead.


  1. Nicola, what a sweet tribute to your father. I know he is very proud of you.


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