Marvel Adventures Superheroes: Vision

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes: Issue 20
Featuring Vision

by Paul Tobin
April 2010

First sentence:

Thor, do you see the festival?

Acquired: My son has a subscription.

Reason for Reading: next issue of this comic.

Comments: Ironman has been attacked, his armour badly damaged, he is paralyzed and has been kidnapped by Diablo. The rest of the Avengers are trying to find him but come face to face with two humongous elemental monsters created by Diablo which are unstoppable and damage is rampant. Vision is finally able to locate Ironman and the problem is solved. A great issue which pretty much consists of battle scenes. Those are always the best parts for kids (and me too, I admit). One of Diablo's creatures is really cool! There is also an underlying theme about human feelings. Vision (an android) briefly questions his inability to understand love and not ever really being truly human. Diablo's story itself ultimately has to do with him going mad and rambling on about not having any friends and being jealous of the true friendship that exists between the Avengers. A good message is nicely inserted into an issue which is high on the action.


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