Monday: Books in the Mail

Last week's mail was quiet but that was appreciated as I am almost at the point where I can read the books as they come in. Of course, writing that down means I'll get a huge mailbox this week that will set me back for months. LOL. Anyway the two books I got this month I can hardly wait to read and seeing as I've finished the previous two in the series just this week, the timing is perfect!

For Review from Penguin Group (Canada)

Meet the Carne sisters, Deirdre, Katrine, and Sheil, growing up together in 1930s London. Eldest sister Deirdre is a journalist, Katrine a fledgling actress, and young Sheil is still with her governess; together they live a life unchecked by their mother in their bohemian town house. Irrepressibly imaginative, the sisters cannot resist making up stories, as they have since childhood; from their talking nursery toys, Ironface the Doll and Dion Saffyn the pierrot, to their fulsomely imagined friendship with real high-court Judge Toddington—whom, since Mrs. Carne’s jury duty, they have affectionately called Toddy. But when Deirdre meets Toddy’s real-life wife at a charity bazaar, the sisters are forced to confront the subject of their imaginings—and this may mean the end of their childish innocence. (US) - (Canada)

This first novel by Ada Leverson (whom Oscar Wilde called “the wittiest woman in the world”) is the story of Edith and Bruce Ottley, who live in a very new, very small, very white flat in Knightsbridge. On the surface they are like every other respectable couple in Edwardian London, and that is precisely why Edith is beginning to feel a little bored. Excitement comes in the form of the dazzling and glamorous Hyacinth Verney, who doesn’t understand why Edith is married to one of the greatest bores in society. But then, Hyacinth doesn’t really understand any of the courtships, jealousies, and love affairs of their coterie: why the dashing Cecil Reeve insists on being so elusive, why her loyal friend Anne is so stubbornly content with being a spinster, and why she just can’t seem to take her mind off love… (US) - (Canada)


  1. The Leverson books look fun. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Nicola..Enjoy your new books; they look great!

    Here is my link:

  3. Ooh congrats on getting both of these! They look so fun. Happy reading! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.


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