Mo Hayder

Just found out today Mo Hayder has a new book out in the UK as of February called Gone! Another in the Jack Caffery series.

I'm still waiting for Skin to come out here in Canada this April! I can't do this anymore. I'm waiting for my copy of Skin to come then I'm going to have to start buying Hayder's books from Book Depository. I haven't ever bought from there before but I can't stand waiting an extra year to read a book that's all ready been published!


  1. Hi, I can buy this book here for you before I leave. Would it be cheaper that way or do you think it would be cheaper for you to order it? Are there any other books you would like from here? Please limit your list to a few and not the 10,000 I'm sure you could come up with. Love Michelle

  2. Well the pb is 11 pound 64 on bookdepository, so if you can get it for that or cheaper that would be a nice prezzy! Thanks Mich!

  3. I understand your frustration, Nicola. I'm a fairly regular customer of Book Depository. Oftentimes, if you order the book ahead of publication, they have a substantial (like 50%) discount. In any case, the free shipping is what gets me. I mean really. Free shipping, even if you just order one book.

    I have the Mo Hayder books here at home but haven't started this series yet. I'm assuming you recommend them, yes? :-)

  4. Well Kay, I'm definitely going to keep my eye on UK pub dates for my fav. Brit. authors from now on. I agree free shipping is big incentive!

    Mo Hayer! Oh, wow! Her books are fantastic! I've read them all, at least the ones published in Canada so far. (grrr). The Jack Caffery series is great but so are the stand alones. One of my very favourites is the stand alone "The Devil of Nanking" called "Tokyo" in UK. She's my favourite thriller reader!

    Umm .... guess you can tell I'm big Mo Hayder fan.

  5. I love Mo Hayder's books. I've read the first two Jack Caffery books and have her 3rd book on my 'to read' shelf. This is one time where I'm glad I'm still reading through an author's backlist. I have a while to go before I'll be stalking the next publication.

  6. Suzi, I know that's the problem discovering an author at the start of their career. I'm having the same problem with Elly Griffiths at the moment .2 books written and I'm dying for her to write the third as fast as she can.

    The greatest feeling is finding a new-to-you author and then looking them up to discover they have 15 previous books you haven't read plus one coming out next year! LOL


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