Marvel Adventures Superheroes: Invisible Woman

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Issue 19
Featuring Invisible Woman
by Paul Tobin
March 2010

First sentence:

So, here we are.

Acquired: My son has a subscription.

Reason for Reading: I didn't have anything to post today so I needed to read something really quick last night and I grabbed the next issue of this comic.

Comments: Now that The Avengers have named themselves in the last volume, Ironman decides they need a headquarters so he brings the group to the high tech subterranean HQ that he has had designed for them with a specially made room for each member. As they are checking the place out they are infiltrated by Plant Man, but turns out he's not after them. This time he's come for their help because he says The Silver Surfer has gone crazy and is chasing him all over the place trying to kill him and causing all sorts of damage. The Avengers find themselves battling against The Silver Surfer while they try to figure out what has happened to him.

So, this was a fun issue. I always enjoy seeing the good guys going bad for some reason or other. Naming this issue after Invisible Woman is a bit of a stretch as this issue really is a group effort, though there is a few frame discussion of how bossy she is and hints there may be something wrong with her healthwise. Most of the book covers fun banter between the characters which was enjoyable and then the end part is full of the battle scenes and the final solution that caused The Silver Surfer's character change was hilarious. A fun romp for a comic aimed at kids.


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