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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ignatieff wants to fund the killing of unborn children

Warning: Off-Topic - Political, Pro-life Post
(Don't read or comment if it makes you feel nasty. I will delete rude comments.)

Ignatieff gives just another reason why not to vote Liberal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to increase maternal and infant survival rates in the Third World and what does Iggy come back with? Make sure that funding includes abortions, Mr. Harper! How does an abortion extend an infant's mortality rate??

Ignatieff opposes human rights for unborn children

Michael Ignatieff wants to fund the killing of unborn children

h/t: Big Blue Wave

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  1. Oh, this is just sad! I don't understand pro-abortion people anyway. A life is a life, no matter where it is residing. Makes me want to cry.