What to Buy a 12yo Boy for Christmas?

I'm looking for some ideas here folks! We are buying a gift for a needy child through our church and we were given a 12yo boy and I have to say I'm a bit stumped as to what to get him. I'm out of touch with the current must have, cool, hot items for 12yob's seeing as my boys are 9yo and a 20yo. We know absolutely nothing about him except that he is a size medium, so a video game is out as I don't know what system he has , or even if he has a system.

What's on the typical 12yo boy's Christmas list this year? Any one have any suggestions? Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!


  1. actually I'm trying to buy stuff for my 12yo bro for christmas and his birthday.... lol. he likes air planes so i got him a paper air plane book with instructions and cool paper in the back that he can fold up. i think he'll like it :D good luck!

  2. Well, my son's 10 but he gave me suggestions as to some things that his 12-year-old friends are asking for: Lego (the tricky, intricate kind), movies, a gift card for a store that sells video games. Sorry there's not more on there- my son primarily asked for books and video games for Christmas! But Lego never goes out of style.....OR what about an inexpensive MP3 player??? Often you can get one for about $20 if you watch for sales. Good luck!!

  3. Well, from a book stand point I'd say the Ranger Apprentice series by John Flanagan. Excellent.
    Toys? I'd bet Star Wars action figures/ships/etc. would go over very well.

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Taking them under consideration.

    The problem with a book is that I don't know if he is a reader. He may be dyslexic or read on a grade 3 level or something and if I get him a book for 12yo's,... it could not go over well ...

    I am thinking of a graphic novel at this point though, along with something else.


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