Monday: Books in the Mail

Just one last week. A graphic novel Cybils nominee from the publisher.

When Alex's sister, Sarah, vanishes and all memory and evidence of her existence is erased, Alex is determined to get to the bottom of her sister's disappearance. What better place to start her investigations than the Nightschool itself? But when she discovers that sneaking into the Nightschool isn't as simple as it might seem, Alex enrolls as a student. But is she prepared for what she might find?


  1. I've really come to enjoy graphic novels this year and this looks like a good one.

  2. Looks like an interesting read...happy reading.

  3. I have yet yo read any graphic novels. I should though. My daughter loves them and we it might be fun to read them together. This one looks really good. Enjoy!

  4. I just had a friend talk about graphic books last week I will forward to her.


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