And the Winner Is ...

And the winner of Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me by Nan Marino is ...............


If nicoliolipoli were to lie to impress people she would say "Robert Pattinson was my uncle, because his beard resembles my mothers(:"

I hope her mom has a sense of humour LOL. And I'll admit I'm such an old fogey I had to google Robert Pattinson to find out he's the actor that plays Edward Cullen in the movies!

You can read my review of Neil Armstrong is My Uncle .... here.

If you didn't win today, there is always another chance so stay tuned!

However with Advent upon us and then Christmas, followed by the 12 days of Christmas and ending with Epiphany, my next contest will be in the New Year, probably the Friday after Epiphany.

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