OT: Comparing US Proposed Health Care to Canada or UK

If you are left-wing, liberal, pro-abortion, you may wish to skip this post.

The Americans are using Canada as an example of universal health care and others are using it as an example of what not to do. The UK is fed up of hearing the "lies" being told about its National Health Service by opponents of the proposed Health Care reform in the US.

Let me tell you one thing, in my opinion, don't use either Canada or the UK as an example of Universal Health Care. Why not you ask?

Canada's Health Care pays for approx. 100,000 abortions a year. The UK's National Health Service pays for over 200,000 abortions a year.

With the US's population can you just imagine how many abortions would occur and be payed for with public monies? It's terrifying. God Save the USA.


  1. I live in Canada and am offended by your statistics. I think you should investigate before you beak off about our healthcare. We have it made here. As for abortions, last time I checked it was a given right to not have a child. So up here abortions are allowed. You should've watched your opinions, as they are not fact! How rude and ignorant of you to think ill of us, and you don't live here and have our system. You should feel honored your government is willing to pay any healthcare for you people! You just showed me how true it is that ignorance is bliss. Thank you for being ignorant against us Canadians and our policies.

  2. I do live in Canada, lived here all my life, thank you very much. How about you take a look to the right where it says "About Me: Nicola, Canada". And I did check my figures, Canadian statistics are impossible to get a real figure that I realistically rounded a median 100,000 from the 96,000 to 105,000 routinely found all over the internet. A recent
    UK article quoted well over 200,000 and again I realistically rounded down to be more conservative with numbers. Do your research!

    You are entitled to your opinions, as am I, however, I take offense to being called names and will not post another comment with name calling. Please be civil.

    Sure it's a given right not to have a baby, so how about don't get pregnant? It is not a given right to murder babies, even though it may be legal to do so. Yes, abortions are allowed but they are mortal sins.

  3. You know, it's not like you didn't post a WARNING at the top of this post. This is your blog and you're entitled to your own views.

    People are certainly welcome to disagree but the name calling is childish.

    "I refuse to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person."

    =) Keep smilin'!

  4. Thanks, mrstreme! I'm smiling again.


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