Monday: Books in the Mail

Last week was fun! I received a book in the mail everyday, not often it happens that way. It was like a little unexpected treat waiting for me everyday. A book everyday, well that makes five books in you say and I couldn't possibly have read five review books last week could I? No. No, I didn't. I did manage 2 though, so 5 in and 2 out makes the ARC pile 3 books larger. I have to say the summer run of reading more than comes in is definitely over but it was nice while it lasted. Any hoo .... onto the books. They are all brilliant this week. Four out of five are Canadian authors and one I have been anxiously awaiting.


  1. One downside to being out of town is not being able to check my mailbox. :-(

    I am expecting A Duty to the Dead too. It looks like it will be a good one. I've heard great things about The Day the Falls Stood Still. I'll be curious to know what you think when you get to it.

  2. Oh, yay, some of those books I am supposed to get, too. They have farther to travel for me, though, so maybe later in the week. :)

  3. Interesting mailbox you got there :D
    Enjoy them

  4. Lot of people getting The Day the Falls Stood Still. Hope it's a good book!

  5. Haunted looks like a good read. Happy reading this week.


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