Rest In Peace

This has been a sad week for the loss of celebrities, one after the other. My respect lies with these two who had ups and downs throughout their lives but both overcame their hardships and downfalls with grace and dignity. You will both be sadly missed. My prayers go out to their families and loved ones.

1923-2009 - My favourite moments of The Tonight Show after the famous "Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!" was the few minutes when Johnny and Ed would have their chat together before the show started. I've never really been a fan of the show since they left and haven't watched it for more than a few minutes in years now. Of course, Ed went on to make a name for himself on his own afterwards with Star Search, the precursor to such shows as "America's Got Talent".

1947-2009 - I loved Charlie's Angels and watched it every week as a kid. I loved Jill! How I wished my hair would feather like hers but unfortunately I had thick naturally curly hair that just wouldn't behave. I'm even collecting the show on DVD now. What a tragic way for this lovely lady to end her days on Earth. I'm glad to hear her last moments were spent with her beloved Ryan beside her. Her last hours of life remind me a lot of my mother's final moments on earth.


  1. I'm still a little bit in shock--especially after Michael Jackson's surprising death. It's been a sad week.

  2. MJ's death was a shock but I lost my respect for him a quite some time ago.


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