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Friday, June 19, 2009

Reading Habits

As most of you know, 2009 is the Year of the ARC for me here at Back to Books and at this point in time they are all I'm reading. I'm loving every minute of it! I discovered a reading plan that has worked very well for me and that is to sort my books by publishing date and to read books published the month prior to the current month so I know how many books "should" be read that month. It has been working well but I do end up with leftovers each month and it's hard to get back to that leftover pile since I have a new pile of "should read" books each month.

This month I kind of had a blah moment where I just didn't feel like reading what I was "supposed" to read. I had my pile set up as per usual and I noticed the Atherton trilogy in there and I suddenly had an urge for some YA/juvenile genre luv. So what I've been doing is reading a kid's book from my current pile and then a kid's book from my leftovers pile, back and forth, all month so far and I'm really enjoying having a good dose of full-time genre love.

I'm a pretty eclectic reader; reading a wide variety of genres and plain literature but sometimes I just need to fall back into a smooth ride of one of my favourite genres with the top two being YA fantasy and thriller mysteries. So of course as I'm nearing the end of available teen/juvenile arcs, I find an overwhelming urge to read nothing but mysteries entering my mind every time I look at the piles. So don't be surprised when the continuous string of children's book reviews turns into a string of mystery book reviews! I don't like getting stuck in a genre rut, but there's just a comfy feeling to reading nothing but your favourite genre for a nice little while.


  1. The "should" factor is why I stopped saying yes to the ARCs. Sometimes I miss them and am incredibly jealous that others are reading fancy new books while I'm reading the beat up ones on the shelf, but the "should" gets me every time. Enjoy the mysteries...sometimes comfort is the absolute way to go.

  2. Trish, I don't feel enough of a "should" pull to stop reading arcs. I love it too much! I'm fully aware that I'm immersed in it this year. I plan to be more conservative in accepting arcs starting 2010.

    I am itching to start reading those mysteries though. I've got some great ones in the piles!

  3. I have a million ARCs, too - sometimes I feel like reading them, sometimes I don't. I have the Atherton trilogy,too, and am anxious to get started on it. It looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Susan - Atherton is a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!