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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here's How Yesterday Went

I woke up yesterday morning and went into the bathroom to do my ablutions when it clicked in my head that I might actually, no wait a minute, I'm pretty sure I don't have any appointments today. So I open the door and call to my dh:

"Can you look at the calendar? Do I have any appointments today?"

He says "I think you have one with Judy"

I say "No, I'm pretty sure that's tomorrow"

He goes and looks comes back and says "No, you're right, no appointments"

Me, thinking in my head now "Yippee! I think I'm going to have a pajama day! I'll just wash up a bit run the comb through my hair and have a happy pj day".

So there I am happily scrubbing my face when dh knocks on door "The dentist is on the phone, they've had a cancellation, can you come in today at 10 for your root canal?"

Total 360!!!

Ended up taking pjs off and wearing clothes as I spent 3 hrs (including waiting times) getting a quite painful root canal on my last bottom molar. Dr. says I have a small mouth, can I open just a bit wider, (a hundred times) now that little corner where your two lips meet is torn and sore, not to mention the insides of my mouth. Ah well, at least it's over right.

Hope your day was better!


  1. It seems as if you knew something was coming. Sorry it wasn't something fun.

  2. Good news is it is over for now. By the way, I left you a little award on my lastest post.

  3. Yikes! Root canals are NOT fun. Hope you feeling better.

  4. I have that to look forward on Monday. And I'm lucky enough to have a small mouth too. Great fun.

    At least yours is over now. I hope you have a quick recovery.

  5. Yikes, that sounds painful. Maybe you should cancel some appointments for a mandatory PJ day.