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Friday, January 16, 2009

Favourite Lyrics

I'm not a part of Booking Through Thursday but this week's question gives me an excuse to post a link to my all-time favourite song. The question asks "Is there a song you particularly like for it's lyrics?" Well, I like a lot of songs because of the lyrics but this one is just everything to me. I love the words, first. Then I love the group! And Brad Roberts' voice is so divine, I get chills.

Listen to the words, if you are Christian the words will hit you very hard as allegory. Simply beautiful!


  1. Whoooooooaa . . . I've never heard of him or his voice. My first impression of the lyrics is - very cool. I don't care for superheroes (other than the ultimate), but the allegory is profound. As for Brad, I don't think I've heard anybody sing so low before and I love deep voices. (I could do without the hair, though.) :)

  2. Glad you like it! The band is called "Crash Test Dummies" and they were a Canadian band most popular in the 1990s. The hair is a bit long for my likes but it suits him, I think.