XX. Fisherman's Bend

Fisherman's Bend by Linda Greenlaw
A Jane Bunker Mystery, Book 2

Pages: 244
Finished: DNF
First Published: July, 2008
Genre: mystery
Rating: DNF
Reason for Reading: Book was sent to me by the publisher.

First sentence:

I stood at the stern facing aft and watched the walls of Cobble Harbor gently melt into rainbow sherbet foliage of Quoddy Head.

Comments: I did not finish this book so will not give a review but a brief statement as to why I couldn't keep reading. The story is a mystery that takes place in a fishing village in Maine and could be classified as a cozy, more or less. I ususally have a 50 page rule but at page 48 I found myself getting a little interested so continued on reading but by page 88 I knew I had better books around here to read than this.

It was incredibly slow. Not much happened in the 80-odd pages I read and the book was full of fishing, boating, and environmental issues which held no interest to me. I couldn't get into the characters and once putting the book down at night, I found myself having forgotten what the story was about. Perhaps, if fishing off the coast of Maine is an interesting subject to you, you will find the book more interesting than I did.


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