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CTV is conducting a poll on the coalition. To vote "No" to the coalition dial 1-416-870-4444

It is of utmost importance that you make your voice heard on this travesty against our Rights as Canadians. If you can say any of the following sentences, let politicians know you are against this government coup.

We voted Liberal.
We voted Conservative.
We voted N.D.P.
We voted Green Party.
We voted Independent.
We voted for the Nation of Canada.


  1. You're right there! Terrible thing they are trying to do!

  2. We've been having animated discussions about this in my staff room.
    You know we completely disagree on politics, but I have to add that it isn't a coup. The parliamentary system allows for a majority of members to govern. If the other 3 parties had been in agreement the night of the election, they could have been asked to form the government.

    I'm OK with Harper letting things stay as they are, since he has finally recognized that he can't pretend he has a majority when he doesn't. He has to listen a bit to the opposition.

    I personally thought the idea of the coalition was neat, that the 3 parties would work together, which is what people always say they want the politicians to do.
    I hope you take no offence, Nicole.

  3. Kailana - Spot on, it's terrifying.

    Raidergirl - No offence taken. To each his own. I can't imagine anyone voting a separatist party into ruling the government of Canada. It sends chills down my spine. I could say a lot more, but won't. {smiles}


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