189. Lord of the Shadows

Lord of the Shadows by Darren Shan
The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 11

Pages: 185
Finished: Dec. 15, 2008
First Published: 2004
Genre: YA, fantasy
Rating: 4/5
Reason for Reading: next in the series.

First sentence:

In the distance a wave of blood was building.

Comments: As Book 11 of a series a brief summary shall suffice. The final countdown is beginning. The characters who will participate are gathering together. Several events happening in quick succession starts the ball rolling towards the end battle. By the end of the book, a shock and a surprising twist have the reader gasping to reach the final battle between good evil that will bring this awesome series to an end in Book 12.

Once I again, I love this series and this book was no different. Several shocking incidents happen but the books main purpose is to set the scene for the last book and would make no sense whatsoever if read out of sequence. Not my favourite of the series but a necessary prelude to book 12 which I will be requesting from the library as soon as I finish this review. If you are a vampire fan than this series is a must read. I'm so excited for book12 and yet sad to see the end of these characters. Fortunately, the movie of the first three books is set for release in the summer of next year (2009) and I am definitely going to be there!


  1. I read the first two in this series and then stopped. Until you mentioned it, I'd forgotten I knew there was a movie coming out. Maybe before then I'll try to catch up. I almost picked up the first in Shan's other series, Lord Loss (is that the first?) Do you read those as well?

  2. Hey Michelle, The series is wonderful, yes do read at least the first three before you go see the movie.

    I haven't started his other series yet. The Demonitia I think it's called or something like that and Lord Loss is the first book I seem to recall. He's still writing that series and I'm going to wait until he finishes it off before I start it. I don't want to read like 10 books then have to wait a year each to read the last two, ykwim!

  3. Hi Nicola,

    I don't know if you read this blog, but Darren Shan posted on it and I thought you might be interested if you hadn't already saw it:


  4. Thanks so much for that info! Kailana.

  5. Me again! I got the first four books in this series today. The second hand store had two and I had Christmas money, so I got all four for the price of two. The best thing is that bookstore actually has this whole series, which never happens, so if I like it I can read it without much hassle. Yay!


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