Not one of my usual posts but I just finished watching Wonderfalls The Complete Collection on DVD and wow! It was just so wonderful! But I can't find anyone who has ever even seen it!

This TV show aired only four episodes before it was cancelled but a full 13 episodes were filmed and are included on the DVD along with some fun Special Features.

I had never watched the show before but had seen commercials for it at the time and thought it looked interesting. I was at Wal-Mart one day when they had one of their DVD sales and they had a bin of TV Seasons 2/$15 so I bought everything that looked good to me and this was one of them.

What a wonderful quirky show. Each character was played so well. I feel such a let down that there are no more episodes to watch. It is about a 24 year old girl from a rich family who has a University degree in Philosophy but now lives in a trailer park and works at a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls. Inanimate figures with faces start talking to her and telling her do things. She feels compelled to do what they say even if it doesn't appear to be such a smart thing to do. Often she causes troubles but by the end of each show there is a path from the first thing she was told to do to the last thing that leads to a happy ending for someone.

Jaye, the main character, feels like she is going crazy and neither she nor the viewers no what is really happening. Some episodes lead you to believe she's crazy, others that God is speaking through her, while others that some sort of "Powers That Be" have chosen her. While each show is episodic there are also running story arcs through the show mainly of her relationship with a new-to-town bartender who came here on his honeymoon to find his bride cheating on him. The rest of her family is just brilliant. If you like quirky, funny shows such as Malcolm in the Middle, though with more adult themes and no kids, you'll love this series. One of the producers actually produced Malcolm in the Middle and the other is now doing the popular, though I haven't seen it yet, Pushing Daisies. IMDb says that Season 2, Episode 8 of Pushing Daisies will feature a Wonderfalls crossover. How amazing is that!

If you've seen the show let's talk about it in the comments.


  1. My husband and I were so sad when the series was canceled. It was such a good show. We also own the DVD set and have watched that as well.

    I hadn't heard that little tidbit about Pushing Daisies (but then, I don't watch that show)--now I'm curious.

  2. I loved this show! I didn't catch it when it was on, but my husband and I watched it on DVD. It's a shame these kinds of shows often don't make it past a few episodes. Thank goodness for TV on DVD.

  3. If you are a huge, or even minor, fan of Wonderfalls, you will most likely find that Pushing Daisies is entertaining, but miss Lee Pace as Aaron Tyler, and be constantly annoyed by Anna Friel who does not bare the same wit, attitude, or charm as the beloved Jaye Tyler..Relish urself Pushing Daisies Download


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