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I sometimes go through stages of "genre love", I'm addicted to mystery thrillers, Catholic theology, memoirs, 20th century Chinese historical fiction & Victorian fiction, and nonfiction; but you'll find I read an even wider variety of books than that. I have a teensy fascination with macabre non-fiction books about death and anything about insane asylums.

I also tend to post a lot of reviews of juvenile/teen books, with a nod towards what parents can expect to find that might or might not be objectionable.

I also blog about graphic novels and manga on a separate BLOG.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

YA Challenge - COMPLETE

I feel like I'm on roll here. Another challenge finished. This time it is Joy's YA Challenge. We had the entire year os 2008 to read 12 YA books. This was easy for me as I'm always reading YA. As usual I ended up not following the list I originally made and just read books as they came up. I'm terrible at following lists! Here are the 12 books I did read:

12. Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan
11. The Eyes of a King by Catherine Banner
10. Airborn by Kenneth Oppel
9. The Vampire's Assistant by Darren Shan
8. Madapple by Christina Meldrum
7. Gunpowder Empire by Harry Turtledove
6. Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan
5. Darkwing by Kennth Oppel
4. The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh
3. Up to Low by Brian Doyle
2. Keturah & Lord Death by Martine Leavitt
1. The Serpent's Egg by J. Fitzgerald McCurdy

Thank's Joy for another fabulous challenge!