Totally OT: Looking for Good TV Shows for Kids

I'm desperately looking for some good educational, yet entertaining, TV Shows for an 8yo. Something that we can buy a season of on DVD. We've just finished watching "Prehistoric Park" which is a 6 episode British show and it was amazing!

Now I'm not necessarily looking for dinosaur shows but the 8yo does like dinos. Any topic would be fine as long as it is entertaining, while being educational, and suitable for 8yos. What about Meerkat Manor? Is that good, would an 8yo like it? I am wracking my brains for shows but can't think of anything. Maybe it's the heat? Anybody?! Help!

ETA - Just wanted to add that I'm looking for adult/family type shows that can be enjoyed by all ages not actual kiddie shows.


  1. Have you seen the Eyewitness DVD series? We carry them in the children's nonfiction DVD section of my library. And the "The Way Things Work" series is also very popular.

    We don't actually have cable - or any TV reception - at our house right now, so we either watch DVDs or streaming video. So I'm afraid I'm not much help re. the actual TV shows. I'd've told you if I knew, though. (Teehee!)

  2. We've watched a lot of the Eyewtiness videos and they are good. But what I'm trying to find is more along the lines of documentary TV shows with a continuing story line that we can buy the Seasons.

    I've never heard of "The Way Things Work" series, though so I'll look into that one. Is it based on the David McCauley book?

    Now, don't you go saying I'd've around here girl! Heeheee

  3. Heh heh, I couldn't resist!

    Yes, they're based on the McCauley book and are short - maybe 20 or so minutes apiece, and each one examines something like levers or circuits or computers, cameras, etc.

    That would be great to get seasons of something like that. I'd be in! Something between Magic School Bus and regular adult documentaries. I'll ask around and let you know if I find anything good.

  4. They sound good. I'll check the library then see if amazon has season or complete set type of thing.

    Thanks for keeping me in mind. This is a lot harder that I thought it would be to find something appropriate.


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