Chunkster Challenge - FINISHED

Another challenge completed! I've now finished the Chunkster Challenge which called for reading 4 books with more than 450 pgs. I read two of the books which were on my original list and the other two just snuck in there. Here is the list of books I read for this challenge. Thanks to So many books, so little time for hosting the challenge.

1. Kept: A Victorian Mystery by D.J. Taylor (463 pgs)
2. The Shining by Stephen King (683 pgs)
3. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (468 pgs)
4. Pig Island by Mo Hayder (494 pgs)


  1. Oh, I love the Shining! But my favorite Stephen King book of all time is The Stand - the extended verison.

  2. I'm reading King's books in chronological order and "The Stand" is up next. I've read the orignal version but will be reading the extended one this time around. Can't wait!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the Chunkster Challenge! I still have two books to go, but I'm hopeful that this will be one of the challenges I'll manage to finish this year. :-)

    I read your review of Pig Island just now. I'm sorry it didn't live up to her other books, but still was glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have only read one of Hayder's books so far, Devil of Nanking, and I really was impressed. I'm looking forward to reading more by her.

  4. If you liked "The Devil of Nanking" you're going to love her other books. My favourite of hers is either "The Devil of Nanking" or "The Treatment", I can't seem to pick one over the other.

  5. Congratulations! I find chunksters extremely difficult.


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