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Thursday, April 10, 2008

66. The Arthurian Omen

The Arthurian Omen by G.G. Vandagriff

Pages: 322
Finished: Apr. 9, 2008
First Published: 2008
Genre: suspense
Rating: 3/5

First Sentence:

Brother Gruffyd's old heart trembled with excitement.

Reason for Reading: I received this as a review copy.

Comments: Maren travels to Wales to help her sister search for a manuscript which could prove that King Arthur was real. Upon her arrival she is notified of her sister's murder. Maren sets off to find the manuscript on her own and track down the killer. She is soon joined by a motley crew of people who all say they are on her side but one of them may just be the killer.

Maren hits the ground running in this book and the action is non-stop. With very short chapters and the quick pace this is a fast read. Maren herself is the definition of Murphy's Law and finds herself the victim of attempted murder, kidnapping, stalking, and unsuitable suitors galore. There is also a comic element present and while there is plenty of suspense and action, this is not a serious story. Many scenes are almost farcical and Maren is a headstrong, yet bumbling heroine.

The writing has problems. There is a lot of repetitious word use and the dialogue is stilted, and even cheesy, at times. There is a small amount of Arthurian history which will enlighten the uninformed, but this is not a story that will appeal to those looking for an Arthurian tale. This would make a good beach read and is overall, a light, fun romp.