Fairy Tale Friday

#9. The Tower of Babel (A Hebrew myth) - This, of course, is the bible story that tells why we have many different languages in the world.

#10. Saint Christopher (A European legend) - The story of the patron saint of travellers.

#11. God Moves Away (A myth from Togo) - The only story that was unfamiliar to us this week. God used to live in the sky just above people's heads but after getting poked in the eye one time too many he takes his stuff and moves up into the heavens. The woman who poked him tries to build a tower of pots so she can apologize.

#12. Wilhelm Tell (A Swiss legend) - We read the Buff's retelling of this legend earlier this year so this was fun to read another retelling and see if it differed. It was pretty much the same.

#13. A Heart of Stone (A Greek myth) - The King, Pygmalion, hates women. Venus, the Goddess of Love, is tired of listening to Pygmalion complain all the time so she decides to teach him a lesson. Pygmalion carves a statue of a beautiful woman and falls desperately in love with it and eventually goes to Venus' temple to ask for deliverance from his aching heart.


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