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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fairy Tale Friday

#6. The Harp of Dagda (an Irish myth) - Dagda, the giant god, has his treasured harp stolen by the winged Fomorians. He visits them and uses the harps powers to get it back. This was very good we both enjoyed it very much, it also explains how the faeries of Ireland came to be.

#7. A Nest and a Web (a legend from the Middle East) - This is a tale of Muhammad and how God kept Muhammad and his wife safe from the idol-makers who were chasing them.

#8. Ash (a Native American myth of the Tlingit tribe) - Ash was a lazy, good for nothing who did nothing but laze in front of the fire all day long. However, one day he demonstrates great strength. It seems that there is magic in Ash. He defends the town against a giant, stops the trees from attacking the village and the mountains from crushing the village, Eventually Ash is called to the sea where his destiny awaits him. This one was a bit longer than the others and our favourite of the week.

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