Fairy Tale Friday

This week we started a new book for our fairy tale read aloud. This one is mostly myths and legends rather than fairy tales. The Silver Treasure: Myths and Legends of the World by Geraldine McCaughrean is the second in her three book set and is also illustrated profusely by Bee Willey.

#1. The Silver-Miners (A legend from Bolivia) - This is a tale of when the Spanish were ravaging mountains of silver. The mountain Parichata uses his powers to protect himself and his people who are being used as slaves.

#2. The Men in the Moon (A tale from Kenya) - Murilay's mother nags him so much he wishes he lived on the moon. When suddenly his bench lifts off and flies him there. He teaches the cold moon residents about fire, then marries seven princesses and becomes a wealthy resident but eventually misses his family. Ds loved this one.

#3. Dream Journey (A Maori myth) - A great chief has a dream that sends him on a long journey where he eventually learns about the fishing net and brings this new discovery to his people.

#4. Roland and Horn Olivant (A legend from France) - This is a tale of Charlemagne and his knights. A very bloody battle ensues between Roland and his men, acting as rearguard, and the Saracens. This is a tragedy with a moral advising against pride. Neither of us enjoyed this one. Too much battle and not enough story.

#5. A Question of Life and Death (A Greek myth) - The famous tale of the Sphinx and how Oedipus answered the riddle and destroyed her. I love Greek myths and the 7yo is quickly becoming a big fan too.


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